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Your Special Friend


KHCAA Publications:
Children Special Friend

Since 2012, KHCAA Publications started to produce comic books for children, based on ancient and popular Iranian's stories.

Rostam" 1"
The Story Begins

       The King of Persia decided to attack "Mazandaran". However, "Mazandaran" was no ordinary country, for it was inhabited by a mighty demon. He prepared an army of legendary heroes and his closest followers and attacked there. On the first day, he was successful but all of a sudden, the most powerful Demon had arrived to challenge them. The soldiers found themselves trapped in a prison.
       "Dastan", the great hero of Persia, received news of this tragedy and had only one choice: his son, "Rostam". He alone rode into the land of the demons to rescue the King of Persia and his soldiers.

Rostam" 2"
Rise of the Dragon

       "Rostam" takes a shortcut to "Mazandaran" which is filled with terrors and monsters. In the way he had many exciting adventures… Battle with a hungry lion, fighting with a terrible dragon and Conflict with a wicked wizard.
       Finally, He came to "Mazandaran" and battles with some of the soldiers, killing them and Demon "Olad" being arrested. Now he was hoping to get to the prison where Persian soldiers were captured there.

Rostam" 3"
Final Battle

       "Rostam", now knowing where prison is, and continues alone to defeat "Arjang's" soldiers. He destroys them one by one and Persian soldiers be released. "Rostam" was going to defeat the white monster of "Mazandaran".
       At the same time, the army of demons attacked to Persia borders. "Dastan" can see the demon army equipped with heavily armed and modern weapons.
       A great clash takes place.
       … The monster deals a powerful blow to "Rostam" and knocks him to the ground. Is the Persian hero failed?!
       At the Iranian border "Dastan" believes he has been defeated and fears he has lost Persia. But other events were taking place.

" Zal & Saena  "
Lost Hero

       "Saam", the great Hero of Persia, had been longing to have a child for many years. God soon blesses him with a son. The child, however, is born with a defect; he appears aged, with grey hair and red skin. "Saam" sees this as a bad omen and takes him to the Mountains, where he plans on leaving him for the wild animals.
       "Zal" is left alone in the forest. A legendary Saena saves the child and takes him to his abode. The bird names the child "Dastan" and does everything to teach him the language and to give him all the knowledge he may need.
       The years pass and …

"Zal" & "Roodabeh":
The Hero's Family

       "Dastan" once again returned to the people. He now enjoys the love and respect his father "Saam" and successive celebrations held in honor of his return.
       Once upon a time, hears about a dragon insecure the river area and endangered the lives of the inhabitants of the land. He is going to battle with. "Dastan" fell unconscious from breathing the poisonous dragon goes into the roaring stream of river and water takes him to a plain which the king's beautiful daughter encamped.
       They were in love with each other but many obstacles faced each other to marriage!

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